Sunday, August 28, 2011

How To Remove Scars From Face: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Scarring Face


How to Remove Scars on the Face?

Scars are definitely an eye sore to a person’s perfect complexion. Even worse is the appearance of scars on the face. Facial scars can happen under many reasons.
A person can have scars because of illnesses such as chicken pox or injuries, accidents, and even acne and pimples. There are a number of treatments available to minimize red scars on face.
Remedy for facial scars range from home treatments to surgery, which involve serious cases of permanent scarring. However, there are also treatments for scarring face that can last for up to several months if the scars are deep and not easy to remove.
How Can I Remove Scars on the Face?

Home Remedies and Tips to Get Rid of Scars from Face

Treatment for scars on face includes the following easy steps.
  • The first practical way to get rid of removing facial scars is of course to clean your face regularly. You can try using a cleanser with hydroxy acid to increase cell regeneration. In this way, new skin cells are generated to replace damaged cells. Apart from applying facial cleanser, you can also use toners, serums, and lotions that have hydroxy acid. See also laser surgery for scars
  • Another option that you can do to treat those ugly scars on your face is do some massaging on the scars itself. This would help in breaking up scar tissues and can also improve the circulation of blood in the face area.
  • Scar treatment creams are also available for you in some stores. Since these are over-the-counter creams, you can purchase them anytime and anywhere. Scar treatment creams often have organic ingredients such as onion extract that can help make the scars vanish for up to twelve weeks.
  • If you think some home remedies will not work for your scars, you can try getting laser treatment.Lasers are effective in removing facial scars since it can powerfully lighten dark scars and make the skin even.
  • Microdermabrasion is also another treatment for scars on face. This process comprises of a small device that buff out the top layer of the skin. After some days of treating your scar with microdermabrasion, you will have a smoother face with less damage. See also What is Microdermabrasion?
  • You can also try applying mashed banana on the scar and allow it to stay in your face for several minutes and rinse with cold water. Doing this regularly will gradually remove the scars in just a few days.
  • Also, when going out of the house, always apply sunscreen on the scarring face, as sun exposure can only worsen the scars thereby slowing down the healing process.